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Mediterranean House Plan Designers

The Mediterranean House plans style has gained popularity in America over the past century. It's very pleasing to the eye, typically containing earth tones, stone, delicate detailing, balanced massing, and usually grand volumes. The make-up of this style is influenced by features from the following styles and era's of architecture; Spanish Renaissance, Spanish Colonial, Beaux-Arts, Italian Renaissance, andVenetian Gothic architecture.

Mediterranean homes resonate a grand, historically rich, world class aesthetics. Use of stones, natural wood, and articulate patterns are common in this style
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Mediterranean House Plans, for Detail

The Mediterranean Plan has come into existence due to its rich heritage from multiple regions and countries. 


While the houses themselves are pleasing to the eye because of their earthy tones, and their proportions, the homes are just as enjoyable to live in because of the nature materials and instinctual remnants of living outdoors. The Mediterranean plan often features architecture built for just that. Enjoying the outdoors. Homes designed with views to Courtyards, and scenery are prominent in this type of home. Often times the bath room plan features free standing tubs, and an eclectic mix of old and new styles. This is also a feature of the Old Farmhouse Plans and Southern Living House Plans . This style home makes a deliberate effort to ensure that the residents are at ease with subtle, but deliberate design features built in by the architect or designer.


A skilled Custom Home Plans designer will understand that Mediterranean style homes are all about balance; balance of soft and hard materials, balance of massing, balance of old to new, and balance of comfort and functionality. A Mediterranean plan will address formal functions and roles of the house differently than informal or casual functions of the house. For example, homes that have a Courtyard House Plan, tend to be more informal, open, and casual. While a dining room in Mediterranean style homes will be treated with much more sophistication, formality, proportion, detail, and articulation of the finishes. Finishes are just as important in the plan for Mediterranean homes. In bath areas, a lot of attention, skill, and care should go toward finishes. Yet in a Dining Area, finishes are less of the focus; and openness now becomes the priority.


Have an experienced designer ask the right questions, and approach the design in the right direction will save the client dissatisfaction later on, and the later the progress gets, the costlier the revisions are to make. HousePlanSale has design hundreds of Mediterranean plan style homes. Our passion lives with pleasing our Clients, and allowing their visions becoming a reality. Mediterranean style homes are often desired especially by those who have travelled the world, or those who are looking for that world-class look. Mediterranean Homes are gentle to the environment, and blend nicely with natures surroundings. 


Our Custom House Plans service is designed specifically to serve your house plans needs. We can be as autonomous as is comfortable for you, and we have worked in all conditions smoothly. We recognize that in either case communication, asking the right questions at the right time are key. We focus on staying with your budget constraints, and everybody's is different, unique, and important to them. No matter what criteria, parameters, limitations, or challenges you have, we are calibrated to look at each one and walk through a series of solutions that fit you best.


Mediterranean House Plans are one of our favorite home plans. Let us join your excitement with you as we build something lustrious for your family, frirends, and a lifestyle that you have been longing for.

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