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How to Get Building Permits

Building Permits are required by statute and building code on most construction projects. See other Posts regarding exempt building types.

Although States typically have their own building code, each building department has the authority to make their own interpretations, and therefore may have different requirements, and process.

  • The very first thing, if you are pursuing a construction permit, is to contact the building department, and ask for their process and requirements for your project type.

  • Next, contact an architect to get guidance on permit drawings and code compliance if the project requires.

  • Then, develop the drawings in accordance to the building departments requirements, and to the level of detail necessary to build the project. Submit the drawings to the building department, and revise until the building official approves.

  • Pay permit fees (each building department has different fees).

  • Only the Owner, and Contractor can pick up the Permit. Architects cannot.

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