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How much do Architects Cost?

The cost of services of a residential architect is in addition to the construction cost, ranging between 5 percent and 15 percent of construction costs for a new home.

Another Rule of Thumb is between $1.00 to $10.00 per square foot of home.

The choosing of your architect, and the percentage of cost will depend pretty heavily on;

1. Compatability with Personality

2. Experience in Project Type

3. Qualifications, and Appropriate License as an Architect.

4. References

Since these variables may change so drastically so may the fee's associated with different architects.

Epic Architecture works closely with our client to make sure we are working with a budget that meets the demand. We are not the highest priced architect on the block, but we are not bottom line neither.

Be open with your architect about what your goals and budgets and expectations are, and more times than not, a fee can be worked out that works for everyone.

Sometimes the best way to determine these items, is simply to arrange meet & greet, or a telephone conference call.

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Continue reading about House Plans, and top styles by visiting our

Style Selection Page or learn more about our previous projects, inspirations and highly affordable packages at our Home Page.

Thank you for visiting, we hope we can craft your dream home soon.

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