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3 Reasons Why Buying House Plans Online is Not a Good Idea

Have you caught yourself looking at the stock plans online as a cheap alternative to getting something customized just the way you want it?

Good! That's actually a great start!

Looking at house plans online can help help inspire ideas, and get the creative juices flowing. But there are several downfalls to purchasing designs, or plans online.

Site Context

One of the most important aspects to a floor plan is how the site context relates to the interior spaces. In plain english? It means, house plans ignore all site characteristics unique to the one you are selecting.

Views, Sunlight, Breeze, Shade, Noise, Circulation, Drainage, and Heat Gain are all considerations used by Architects to get the MOST out of your property.

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Second, is character. What is character? Character is the houses personality.

You want the personality of your home to relfect the values of your family. House plans ignore this important aspect, but architects dont. In fact architect hone in and focus on this very important feature.

Codes and Laws

Finally, house plans DO NOT reflect local laws, building codes, or ordinances that each local building department will require.

The research and interpretation of some of these complex parts of designing buildings are best understood by building designers whom work within these types of limitations, every day.

Again, no issue browsing house plans for inspiration, but think twice before investing your money into these stock plans that dont fit ALL your needs and requirements.

[These articles are donated for your benefit, Share Some Love]

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