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3 Reasons Custom Homes Are NOT Always More Expensive

You could look at it like this; the cost of materials, and even labor is relatively the same whether they are being purchased from a home building company, or a custom builder.

So the construction should be considered to be equal cost for the same plan. The primary difference between buying from a home building company, and a custom building your home is flexibility.

Home building companies

Pro = Set it and forget. Once you select plans, and finishes, the home building company does the rest. Usually a quicker turn around.

Con = You are limited to the selection of homes they offer, locations they offer, and usually finishes that are more expencive because they mark them up.

Custom Home

Pro = Ultimate flexibility, benefit of bidding (better value for your dollar), and no limitation on layout, site location, or finishes.

Con = Being a bit more involved (some see this as a Pro). The Owner hires an Architect, design the home within a specified budget, then bids the plans amongst multiple contractors, and selects the best contractor. Sometimes this process take longer as well.

In summary, its all about the sacrifice between flexibility, and convenience. The value of your dollar probably goes farther with a custom home builder, but with a home building company, that lost value goes toward convenience.

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