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2 Main Reasons Why House Plans are Needed

House plans are a series of drawings representing accurate scale and dimension of a new home, house or project. The intention behind the plans are twofold;

1. For bidding

2. For building


The bidding portion is the process of sending the completed drawings to multiple contractors, so they can 'bid' on the project, or submit a cost to build to the Owner. the Owner will then review the bids, possibly select one of them, and then write a contract with that Contractor to begin construction.


If buildings are not designed per the applicable building codes, people can get hurt.

So the house plans will also act as a demonstration of how the house plans intend on complying with local, federal, and state building codes as minimum requirements. When they do, the local building department will approve the plans, by issuing a 'Construction Permit'. The Permit allows the contractor to begin construction.

These are primarily the main two reasons house plans are a required part of the construction process.

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