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11 Incredibly Useful Considerations for Cottage House Plans in History and Today

People have been flocking to the Cottage House Plan layout since historic times. There is DNA in the Cottage Plans that seems be ingrained in our minds as desirable, livable, unique, and practical.

Why has this flavor of house stuck around so long, why is it still so popular, and what are some thing to consider when having your cottage plans designed?

In this article we will explore these items and more but first, let me quickly give you the 5 cent tour on where the Cottage house comes from.

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Cottage home plans have been in existence from the medieval times.

Although during that period of time, Cottages referred to small and shabby living places for the agricultural workers, the modern definition of a cottage is nowhere near it.

Modern day cottage home plans, like the middle ages ones, have a ground floor and a first floor, which is built in a way so that it would occupy the roof space. Also the modern cottages are comfortable, cozy, modest and economical to construct and maintain and built mostly in rural and semi-rural regions.

You will be surprised to know that in spite of the popularity of cottage home plans in America, the word and style is not as American as it sounds. The word originated in England, from where it spread to the rest of the Europe and then America followed by Canada.

The name of the style changes from country to country depending upon the language but the overall design of these single story patio plans stay the same with a few regional features. For example, in England, the cottage home plans are still small and old-fashioned while in America, the cottages are usually considered as holiday homes; whereas in Canada, although the cottage home plans are not fancy, but the size is usually larger than those of Europe and America.

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Interestingly, cottage home plans have a history that dates back to the middle-ages.

These homes were constructed to house the family and friends of workers who worked on farms. As a matter of fact, the word cottage means dwelling of a cotter; and that is why cottages were small and economical.

Apart from a small place of residence, a cottage of that time had a barn for storing grain and a small farm which was usually fenced and had a gate.

As time went by and we made progress, the meaning of the word gradually changed. By 18th century, cottages meant any small piece of dwelling and cottage home plans gained a lot of popularity among workers of other industries too.

This popularity gave way to another form of cottage that had nothing to do with agriculture but the idea was the same – house workers; this time, it was industrial workers who were building and occupying cottages; and this is how weaver’s cottages and miner’s cottages came into existence.

Another interesting thing about the name of the home plan style is the law associated with it. As per the legal definition of England and Wales, a ‘cottage is a small house or habitation without land’.

This being said, under an Elizabeth statute which controlled the illegal construction of cottages, a cottage MUST have at least 4 acres of land.

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The Modern Story

In the modern era, a house constructed as per cottage home plans hold different meanings in different regions. The style has lost its traditional meaning for the good and is nothing less than any modern design.

The cottage home plans have been revamped to suit the taste of the new generation of home owners and have been given anywhere from pre-victorian to pre-modern feel.

Here is how cottages have been improvised for one story patio home plans and country cottage house plans across different parts of the world.


In Britain, cottages are now considered as a romantic and sweet place to reside in. Irrespective of the design and influence, the cottage home plans in Britain are small and economical.

The name cottage is also generally applied to any design that has a hut like structure and is from a pre-modern period.

The original cottages usually have a pre Victorian touch but often have construction timber exposed. These cottages are being renovated and the exposed timber is being covered as an attempt to preserve an important part of history of England.

In Ireland too, the traditional farm worker’s cottages feel have been replaced by the cozy and lovely feel of a small and romantic home. The cottage home plans with thatched roofs are the most sought after and considered to be the most romantic ones. However, the modern development and newer tiny house plans have led to the fall in thatched roof cottages.

The remaining are being renovated and being turned into tourist homes to give the tourists a taste of traditional Ireland housing.

North America

The second most influential market for cottage home plans is that of North America which includes USA and Canada.

However, unlike England and Ireland, the cottages in North America are considered more of summer homes rather than regular dwellings. These are usually small, located in the rural and semi-rural areas and unfurnished.

These homes are usually used by tourists and city dwellers on weekend to spend some time away from the cacophonies of the cities.

The cottages in North America are usually located either in the country side in the north or near the lake while in Canada, a cottage is usually a small dwelling located near a lake or a river.

These water bodies are also used for certain water sports like canoeing and water skiing and other fun-filled water activities like swimming and fishing. Creating cottages for summers has led to creation of summer colonies in many parts of Canada where the dwellings are created as per simple cottage home plans and rented out during the tourist season.

Nordic Countries

In Finland, cottages are considered as ‘a residential building that is used as a holiday or free-time dwelling and is permanently constructed or erected on its site.

These cottage home plans are usually made up of logs of wood and are constructed besides a lake and have a sauna.

A country that has more than a hundred thousand lakes within hundred thousand islands is bound to have a spell bounding beauty; and in the middle of this natural beauty, holiday homes in shape of huts make a lot of sense and luckily, a romantic one!

As per 2005, there were 474,277 cottages in the whole of Finland including the ones established by tourism and adventure companies.

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When it comes to the people of Sweden, they refer to their holiday homes as stugan or a lantstället, which in most case is nothing but a small home based on cottage home plans.

As per the statistics, almost 50% of the population of Sweden owns such small stone cottage houses spread over whole of the country. Before World War 2, only the rich owned such cottages. The difference between the rich and poor was big and as a result owning anything more than a cabin in the city was a dream for most of the Swedish people; but as soon as the industrialization and urbanization kicked into the country, people were not only able to keep their current home but also able to buy small pieces of land elsewhere in the country and turn them into vacation homes for family and friends.

These days, Swedish and Norwegian cottage owners modify the floor plans to accommodate an extra room in the outdoors which usually has glass walls and a thin roof. Also, most of the cottage owners are now adding an extra guest room into their dwellings to maximize the utility of space.

Other than the name, there is no major difference between Swedish and Norwegian cottage home plans. The Norwegians refer to their vacation home as fritidsbolig.

Russia and Ukraine

In the 19th century, British culture gained a lot of hype in Russia.

The influence was so strong that people did a lot of things the British way. One such thing was the creation of cottages. The first ever cottage was erected in Russia in the 19th century. By 1980s, the cottages gained a lot of popularity in Russia and were looked upon as a luxury.

Even after the downfall of the Soviet Empire in the late 90s, the cottage culture flourished. The main reason behind erection of new cottages in the late 90s and early 20s in Russia, Ukraine and other countries was its positivity and association with the ‘Good Life’ of the western people and had nothing to do with the fall of USSR.

In fact, the cottage home plans got so popular in Russia that cottage towns and cottage villages were setup around the cities of the country to increase the positivity of good living.

South Africa

South Africa saw the construction of cottages in the 18th as well as 19th century. All of these cottages were built to house agricultural workers and their families. Apart from agricultural workers, cottages were also setup along the coast for housing fishermen.

The cottage home plans in South Africa are 2 stories high with 2-4 bedrooms and an attic to store supplies. Most of the cottages in South Africa are now in ruins and the remaining ones still hold the traditional look of stone walls and thatched roofs.

These cottages are now a part of national heritage of South Africa and cannot be dwelled into.

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Should You Buy a Cottage?

Now that you know the history of the cottages and their current status in the world, the question arises, as a buyer, should you really invest in a cottage?

Here are a few things that you should consider before buying any kind of dwelling that is based on cottage home plans.

  • Like Any other home, cottage home plans are also a good investment option. As time progresses, the demand for vacation home are bound to rise and the availability will come down. This means that the prices of cottages will go up in the long run, thus making this property a good investment option

  • Cottage home plans are a luxury. If you have the money, there is nothing better than getting yourself a cottage. A summer vacation where all your family members come together and spend some quality time having fun and discussing life – what else a home buyer needs? Although, a little costly, a home near a lake build as per one of the many amazing cottage home plans is a perfect gift for your loved ones.

  • Buying a cottage home is more of a sentimental and emotional decision rather than a financial one. Money is a big thing; but if you consider all the good memories you will be creating and all the amazing stories you will be writing with the best people of your life, money is not really a so big a deal.

  • Like any other property, owning a second home means extra taxes and insurance but cottage home plans have an advantage over other kind of houses. First, the cost of construction is low and second, the cost of maintenance is low. Both of these factors will surely save you a lot of money – another good reason to invest in a holiday home.

  • You can even rent out your cottage when you are not using it. This means that while you are busy with the work and earning your bread, your cottage is helping you earn a little extra bread through the rent. This will help you keep your vacation home full throughout the year without having to worry about crimes like robberies and maintain the cottage with the rent money.

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Things to consider before buying a Cottage

Before you buy a cottage, there are a few things that you should consider before putting your money on a vacation home.

  • Ensure that the site of the cottage is safe. If you are going to buy a cottage in a country side, ensure that there are no carnivores in the vicinity. Similarly, if you are going to invest in cottage home plans near a lake, ensure that the soil does not erode quickly and the cottage is at a safe distance from water.

  • Give a good thought to solitude. The whole idea of owning a cottage is to have a good holiday. Consider the neighborhood, the distance from the nearest town, distance from emergency services like hospital and fire station and finally the number of people accommodating the neighborhood.

  • Is the site well connected through roads? In case the cottage site is accessible through water, do you have a boat? Can emergency services reach you quickly? In case of natural disasters, will you be able to reach to a safe place quickly?

  • Consider the surroundings. How is the view? What does your family prefer? A lake or a mountain top? Is the lake on the side of the cottage big enough for boating? Is it good for fishing? Does the cottage have a sunrise or a sunset view? Do trees around your cottage bear fruits?

  • Can the cottage fulfill daily necessities? Does it have access to running water? What about drinking water? Cottage home plans should be airy and designed for maximum utilization of land. Does the cottage you are interested in follow this? Does it get really hot in summers? Does it have a proper cooling and heating system? Can it hold your entire family?

  • Learn about the local laws. Does the local law allow modification in cottage home plans after a cottage is erected? Can you add a small dock near your cottage?

Like any other property, a cabin or a cottage also gives return some years down the line but buying and selling a cottage is more than just a financial decision. Houses based on cottage home plans are beautiful and special and thus they have an emotional and sentimental value which is worth more than any amount of money involved! Check out our sister site where you can find other things to do in orlando or while visiting key west such as Jet Ski Rentals Orlando, Kayak Rentals, Paddle Board Rentals Orlando, and more.

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Continue reading about Cottage House Plans, and other top styles by visiting our Style Selection Page or learn more about our previous projects, inspirations and highly affordable packages at our Home Page.

Thank you for visiting, we hope we can craft your dream home soon.

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