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10 Favorite Small House Idea Posts with +100k Pinterest Pins

This incredible collection of High Ranking Small house Ideas took weeks to scour and collect. These are the utmost favorite Ideas with over 100,000 pins each.

I hope you enjoy these gems as much as I have.


1. Home Office Organization

Wall niches or jogs are a great way to take advantage of open space to maximize the use. Per this example, a corkboard, file holder, desk lamp, and themed décor not only helped this space reach its full potential, it also made it bright, cherry, and functional.


2. Kitchen Organization

This is an awesome way to add storage without cluttering your space. Hanging storage will always add value to space saving, and when done properly can add great character.

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3. Bathroom Organization

We loved this pin and this anti-traditional use of negative space between the wall and toilet. Clean, functional, and super clever.


4. Bedroom / Living Separation & Organization

Small spaces with multiple use always requires good planning. In this case, the Owner used an open bookshelf to give the appearance of dividing the space, which simultaneously kept the openness of the room.


5. Toilet Room Organization

People rarely take advantage of that blank wall space above the toilet, but this is a very creative example of how to make the most of it. The natural woods also give it that spa-like atmosphere.

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6. Circulation Space Organization

This is a great before and after picture of capitalizing on unused space by using hanging storage shelves, hooks, and wall décor to balance it out.


Here is a classic example of flexibility by using a translucent sliding stack doors to provide privacy and separation when needed. Relatively low cost, but highly effective.


7. Bedroom / Office Organization

The shelving over this bedroom desk is another great example of maximizing wall space for storage. Plus, the properly utilized materials of this theme balances out white wash of the space, and provides some warm, natural wood benefits.

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8. Small Bathroom Layout

The bathroom of this tight space took advantage of great space saving opportunities. One, the curved shower offers openness, and two the towel warmer is tucked nicely behind the door. Another is that they used a wall hung lavatory which works as long as you have storage in a nearby linen closet.


9. Additional Seating & Storage

The Foldable furniture, and concealed flexibility always helps a space accommodate its larger list of uses. Ideally the mind prefers a wider open space. This can often times be accomplished in smaller spaces by having innovative type furniture, and concealed storage spaces for the items that don't need to be exposed all the time.

Here was a great example we loved of making multiple use out of this sofa table.

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10. Small House Layout Example

There are literally hundreds of thousand of plans out there, and any one of them might work better, but this one feel under the category of have over 100k pins. Plus, we admired the plan in that they used a porch with a connecting roof to separate two areas of this small home, which ultimately carved out a nice outdoor/indoor living area.


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