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11 Trending Dining Room Designs and a Deeper Look at How They Work

What type of Dining Room do you have? Is it formal, informal, relaxing, serious, playful, fun....?

Of course any of these will work, because a dining room is place that essentially represents your family, its values, possibly its history, and maybe even its heritage. Or, it can be none of those, and simply designed to please the eye upon the theme of your cozy home.

Either way, stagnant designs, or themes in a house can lose their excitement and appeal after a while. This article hopes to gives you some fresh ideas within the context of some of the most trendy Dining Room plan layouts, finishes, and designs.


This beachy, Caribbean, islander type feel gets all the vibes of those types of themes. Natural tones of woods, water, and sand helps the eye soothe the mood and relax your body. The feel of this room tends to be relief, remedy, and removal from the daily stresses that one may have.

While all these tones and colors work well in nature, they also work well in this setting. The ceramic tile with printed wood is a great way accomplishing a durable long lasting floor without the expense of natural wood and the maintenance associated with it.

The white paneling on the walls can be achieved by using wood, or by using faux paneling wall paper. With a few complimentary pieces of artwork, lighting, and space fillers, this room maximizes its potential.

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This design is a great example of the use of balancing of textures. The theme which consists of the natural wicker, white washed wood table, beach board picture frames, and matching window treatments provide for a warm natural feel to the space. these materials are contrasted with the soft neutral color of the rug, and drapes.

Collectively this farmhouse design capitalizes on the the contrast to materials and colors.These materials together offer a healthy balance of rough to soft textures, darker to lighter colors, and new to old decor.

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With the essence of truth, transparency, and timelessness, this industrial look is fun, and serious all at the same time. While this industrial design and house plans represent the style with darker metals, exposed pipes, natural concrete floors, steel bracing, and exposed supports; it provides a balancing act by also mixing in natural softer materials such as the wood table tops, cabinet doors, and seat backs.

Too much of any one style can be uncomfortable, so taking a very rigid look, and softening it with materials that complement the style always elevates the success of the design.

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Interstitial spaces, or spaces that in between two functioning rooms are becoming more and more common as a use for sitting and dining areas. For one, sitting and dining are perfect functions for wide open rooms with open floor plans, and they also tend to raise the efficiency of the house plan by reducing circulation space and converting that into programmatic, or functioning space.

Back to this design, this circular table absolutely fits nicely without interrupting the traffic flow to the large open french doors. A square or rectangular table would feel more obstructive, as an obstacle to get around.

Again capitalizing on the use of the pickled wood tile floors, this design is representative of the playfulness between formality, and casual. The formality tends to be revealed by the used of the highly customized ceiling soffits, the large crown molding, and the decorative wall moldings. The casual elements would be the wood floor, matching table top, soft stripes window coverings beyond, and the complimenting chair patterns.

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This lake house dining room is a real treat. Aside from the jaw dropping views, and the nearly floating look of the house on the water, the placement of this home is enough to please any eye. But just as fashionable, is the use of the unique scheme. This off-white, sea foam green color is soothing, softening, yet reflective color of the outdoor surroundings. Its a great way to bring the essence of the out doors to the indoors by mimicking some of the features of the color palatte.

The clean lines, and natural light in this room are of primary importance, and glass table top, pendant lights, and plant vase emphasis the openness, and airiness that the room is offering.

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Everyone loves the intriguing movement of an open staircase. The fact is, most people enjoy the view of this feature of their home then they do looking at a wall with art, because of its depth, dimension, and authentically functional feature. This custom house plan uniquely situates the dining room adjacent to the staircase, then interestingly showcases it by using the same materials, shapes, and forms.

Without the natural theme of the woods on the stair and table, this room experience may begin to feel quite clinical with white walls, white concrete patio looking out the large glass doors, and natural concrete look of the floor tiles. A few simple design decisions around the use blending the natural wood into the staircase and rails, the chair legs, and the light fixture, offers a very simple yet sophisticated solution to softening up this trending dining room design.

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A high contrast nautical look will always have deeper ingrained reference to the deep ocean waters and the calming effect behind that. Properly instituted, the nautical deep blue color, adjacent to pure white finish moldings helps to capture that style.

This unique design however, also softens the theme providing for a mid-tone natural brown designed to match with the natural wood table top. Collectively these colors help to neutralize a normally high contrast look, into a comforting welcoming feel for this breakfast area or nook.

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This is an excellent example of how to have fun with colors and themes. This dining room, filled with light and air with the high ceilings and sunroofs, used a contemporary beachy palette of colors, materials, and patterns to make that perfect dining room experience get a way.

From the color washed wood wall paneling, to the matching school of fish with matching colors on the rug, the subtle hints of this theme is enough to interest the eye. The architectural beams, pattern of the stair railing, and sloped ceiling gives this space an exploratory experience.

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This eye popping dining area used a few designer techniques to accomplish some affordable, yet effective methods of enlightening the room, and making the dining table the centerpiece of the room, and the main focal point.

First, dropping down a colorful high pattern type rug will always bring more life into the room. However, using this feature should be used with caution. If the room already has a surplus of patterns, rhythms, or textures, than a busy rug might not fit in well.

Another feature this designer used was to provide some pop of color in the legs of the table to bring the toned-down color of the table and chairs back into the spot light. One may also want to compliment the colors, or patterns with wall paint, pictures or decor, however this is one technique that can has caught the eye of the public to make it to the top trending dining rooms.

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This crowd pleaser of a Dining Room would excite any party. Beginning with the open fresh view of foliage and greenery on the exterior, this space has taken a calming retro feel. This designer recognized the benefits of one of our favorite features which is dark wood planked ceilings. This sets the tone of that beachy, airy, but high end finish look without necessarily with all the cost.

That feature combined with the complimenting floor finish, and furniture make for a nice composition. A simple patterned rug with matching color schemes helps bring this room some liveliness and sets the anchor for the Dining experience.

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One last artsy but trending Dining Room is this craftsman style design. Featuring hard wood planked floors, a craftsman style wood dining table, and bookshelves. The metal rod chairs provides that artsy industrial juxtaposition, which also compliment the colors and craftiness of the layout of the artwork on the wall.

Topped off by some beautiful pendant light fixtures for that nice direct lighting, this space is full of creativity and natural light that will make any Dining Room experience a pleasant one.

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