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10 Sparkling Smoke-Free Fire Pit Ideas

Does your house plan feature a crackling, sparkling, glowing fire place? If not, here a few great ideas to consider for incorporating this major conversation piece to your backyard.

As a no-brainer, the smores are not only a great family gathering technique, its fun, and delicious too. Even without smores, getting together in the cooler months around a these conversational pieces will undoubtedly bring anybody closer.

Photo by Toll Brothers, Inc.

The trends around these features is leaning toward the propose gas. Propane gas fireplaces for your home provides both flexibility, and prevents irritated neighbors.

The flexibility comes in from the ability to turn on, and turn off the fire whenever is convenient without having to wait to build a fire from logs, or smother the fire when you are done using it.

The prevention of the irritable neighbors comes with one of the greatest perks of using gas fireplace which is the very limited smoke it gives off to waft through the air and windows of your friends nearby.

Here are 10 different design ideas you can consider for your house or home plan that accommodates this cornerstone of modern living.

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