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13 Flattering Features of American Farmhouse Plans

Has the deep vintage character of the farmhouse style house ever caught your eye?

Does the eclectic mix of contrast with old and new, with clean greys and whites, on weathered furniture with crackled paint ever warm your soul?

Well me too. It drives home a sense of old America, bringing feelings of independence, stability, family, and friends.

The country farmhouse comes from Germany and Scandinavia, many years ago. The home style began to spring up in America on the Eastern side of the nation.

Over time, in approximately the 1700s, the style spread across to the west.

Essentially Beautiful

The earliest farmhouses plans in America were created in such a way that served function. These homes were often handmade, and hence were simple, straightforward, and lacking in extravagance.

Homes were often 1 story farmhouse plans. In combination with this, the homes had open floor plans.

Open Floor Plans

Old farmhouse plans in the 1800s included slightly more elaborate features. These homes primarily popped up in the Midwestern United States.

These open floor plan farmhouses were eloquently detailed in a simplistic banner, and had colors similar to earth tones and whites.

Fitted for Families

Old, small farmhouse plans in the 1800s tended to include an open area for company and the like upon walking through the front door, followed by family bedrooms, and lastly, the kitchen.

These one-story American farmhouses had plans that accommodated the living situation of the time. Being as those that lived in farmhouses often spent a great deal of time canning and prepping food for storage, it was necessary to have a decent amount of kitchen space.

In order to meet the needs of the entire family, a decent dining room needed to exist in order to offer adequate space for the entire family. These choices for a home are still beneficial for those looking to be more self sufficient in the

modern day.

Outdoor Living Spaces

The farmhouse plans arose again in the 1930s. Old farmhouse plans with wraparound porches allowed excellent outdoor storage space.

As well as this, the porch allows the perfect drop off location for dirty shoes. In modern times, this is relevant no matter farmer or socialite.

All families end up with dirty shoes that need a home. It is also pleasing to relax on the front porch. A great deal of outdoor patio furniture exists to match the country-home style. Match the porch color to a wooden porch swing or wooden chair!

Vintage Designs

Modern farmhouse plans are essential to southern living in the United States.

Modern farmhouse plans provide functionality while allowing extensive porch space, beautiful box-shaped layouts, spacious country style kitchen, decorative details, rustic appearance, and a warm family-home feel.

Farmhouse plans are often two stories, providing ample space downstairs for the family, and space upstairs for bedrooms. These homes connect vintage farmhouse style and modern, amenity-rich living.

Large, open floor house plans with one story can be highly suiting for the American farmhouse design. With an L-shape design, the essence of low, country farmhouse plans can be captured.

This design works well to emphasize a splendid backyard space, as well as create more availability for natural light to enter the home.

Vacation Version

Simple, one-story floor plans are the most economical small cottage house plans. These homes remain under 2,000 square feet. Tiny house plans fewer than 600 square feet minimalize housing cost even further.

These generally feature small, 2 bedroom cabin plans with a single story and single bath. These homes can make incredible second homes, vacation homes, or best of all, starter homes. These homes feature all the necessities: living room, bedrooms, kitchen, and vast porch space.

There is basement space as well in these homes most often.

Naturally Nature

Many people wonder how to decorate a farmhouse. The best approach is to mimic old-school style, while maintaining modern day style. Leave beautiful wooden beams out in the open, in order to accentuate the beautiful, natural appearance of the country home.

Leave spaces as open as possible – minimalistic, rustic stylistic choices can bring out the vibrant, rustic flare of the home.

Rustic Flare

When it comes to American farmhouse style, it is best to embrace the home’s country farmhouse roots. Incorporate antique farm-related décor. Allow 1800’s farmhouse design to meet the modern world.

Stick with natural, authentic country home colors, and barn wood accents. Go with antique items for the bathrooms, and let the history speak for itself. Farmhouses are all about simplicity, and organic style.

In order to meet their full potential, American farmhouses should have their rustic roots shining through. Texture can add a unique, rustic flare unmatched by modern furniture and décor options.

Antique Artifacts

If looking for American farmhouse décor for sale, check antique store locations, and places such as Amish furniture markets.

These locations can provide authentic country style and traditional furniture making techniques. These high-quality furniture pieces will stand the test of time.

Design Sense

Country farmhouse magazines exist to spark ideas about how to decorate a farmhouse. Magazines for this include Country Living, Farm & Ranch Living, Country Woman, Country House, Country Sampler and more.

HGTV magazine can also occasionally provide advice on country farmhouse design.

Eclectic Style

Ultra-modern, luxury house plans can take the old style country house plan and reinvent it. By choosing vast square footage, and multiple levels for the home, the house can maintain an authentic feel, but with a luxurious twist.

Choosing more gray-scale colors in the home, rather than traditional greens and browns, can make a far more lavish feel to the home. White furniture against gray walls, with gray kitchens, and beautiful hard wood floors can make a house really pop.

This style mimics a more Cape Cod style farmhouse.

American Family

The modern, open floor plan farmhouse can meet the needs of those both in rural and suburban settings. No longer do these farmhouses need to exist on one hundred acre plots of land.

An American farmhouse makes a pleasant addition to any neighborhood, and works best for families. When building a farmhouse without vast acreage, an extravagant back patio can give still provide space for the family to spend time together. A farmhouse was built with the American family in mind, and for that reason, the style suits any family size today.

Old, small farmhouse plans can suit the needs of a family on a budget, and vast contemporary house plans and designs can meet the needs of those without a tight financial leash.

The American farmhouse can work with any budget and family size.

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