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Top 5 Reasons Why People Prefer Contemporary House Plans

When you think of a Contemporary House, what comes to mind?

Most people, when searching for their next home, hone into the cost, the aesthetic, the function, and the potential. While these are broad assumptions which help people categorize whether a home is a true fit for their family; more modern homes have another level of detail that should be considered, especially if you are in the search for designing your own Contemporary House Plans.

What is beautiful to one, may not be beautiful to another. Which is a good reason to identify the core principles around these style homes. While there are many, we have chosen what we believe to be the top five for Contemporary House Plans.

Many people now realize the benefits of contemporary style houses. These benefits have led to an increase in the number of modern home design interest as reported by Google Trends. Contemporary house plans bring something that is different from what we are used to. It not only takes aesthetics into consideration but as well as your comfort, convenience, the environment and the sustainability of the structure. Without a doubt, modern contemporary house plans are indeed the future of homes.

Looking for reasons why one might go for modern contemporary house plans?

Here are 5 top reasons why might pursue a contemporary house plan today:

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1. Beautiful Design

If you want your home to stand out, we recommend that you go for contemporary house designs. A good contemporary home is timeless, stands out, and will likely have a higher curb appeal when compared to a street full of the same homes.

People want uniqueness and recognition, and this style home can help convey that intent. The underlying objective of contemporary house plans and designs is to integrate aesthetically pleasing features that are functional into the overall design plan while at the same time minimizing unnecessary waste of space and cost.

A Beautiful Design is not just eye pleasing, but efficient, cost-effective, smart, and ultimately comforting.

This type of design takes into consideration that you will be looking at, and living in your house for many years to come so special attention should be provided; then will expect that home to hold its value above other when its time to depart. Unless your family is boilerplate, regular, and same old’, then why should your home be either?

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2. Technology

Just as we are witnessing advancements in medicine and other industries, our options for our homes are also evolving and improving. Without going into a lengthy list of options on the market, some of the most common are the highly insulated foam insulation, multi-pane glazing with gas and tints, building envelope wraps and whole house sealing methods, inner-wall extermination methods, stronger construction, and much, much more.

Another common feature of modern house plans is the typical inclusion of technology in the home. From self-programming thermostats to remotely controlled outlets, sprinkler systems, and window shades; contemporary homes spoil its occupants with convenience and autonomy.

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3. Adequate Spacing

Another common goal of contemporary home plans is to use space as efficiently as possible and as well as complement the entire structure as a whole.

Modern contemporary building plans include designs that allow open, unobstructed air flow, sometimes by combining circulation or walking paths, into spaces themselves to save on separate hallways and corridors. This type of plan mostly tries to strike a balance between function and efficiency.

The best part of going with this type of design is that living space is never limited just to indoor space; it can also seamlessly extend outside of the house into the surrounding environment. Good contemporary building design will also take into consideration the circulation, surrounding buildings, orientation, open, private, and other context around the house.

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4. Great Attention to Light

Efficiency is the name of the Contemporary House Plan game. What is more pleasing than having a home where you can easily enjoy natural light? Modern contemporary home plans give serious attention to natural light levels in your home. This style home typically incorporates large windows and proper orientation to ensure that adequate natural light level is maintained in your room without compromising your privacy or electrical bill. A smart design will keep larger windows facing north for cooler light, and smaller or shaded windows facing west and south to avoid too much glaring light and heat gain.

Depending on the climate zone of the home, this arrangement may need to be modified. For example, in areas where it is at or below freezing temperatures outside, you may want those large windows on the heat gaining orientated side of the home. Apart from enjoying the natural lights, you can cut cost as well on the energy bill by turning off more lights during the morning, day and evenings.

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5. Eco-Friendly Homes

There are strong forces placing emphasis and sensitivity to our impact on our environment and Mother Nature. These interests are to reduce our carbon footprint and overall energy consumption. The 21st century has been characterized by much awareness on how we can make the earth better not only for ourselves but also sustainable for those coming after us. This is a principle of modern contemporary house designs has come to embrace.

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Contemporary house plans place a great emphasis on energy and environmental efficiency. A good design minimizes the waste of materials, air conditioning, insulation, air leakage and others. The goal is to maximize and recycle energy whenever and wherever it is possible. To this end, contemporary house plans may include energy efficient lighting, water-saving indoor plumbing, sustainable and recycled building materials, renewable energy sources, drought tolerant and indigenous landscaping, indoor air quality improvements, and other natural products in building your home.

Contemporary home plans are made to make you feel at ease with nature while enjoying the convenience of your new home.

Final Words

Without a doubt, modern contemporary homes are the future of houses. If you are planning to build your dream house or renovate, you will need to get the services of professionals who can come with a solid and efficient contemporary home plan mindset and walk you through the many options available. Best of all, because of the smart use of space, the energy efficiency, and reduction of waste, these types of homes are not necessarily more expensive. In fact, you could get more buying power with your dollar due to these principles.

You will be eager to get home after endless hours in office knowing that you have a home that will make your neighbors envious. Get a new lease on life today by getting your contemporary home plans.

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Hopefully this guide has shared context related to the features and styles that represent this great regions design. If you are looking to build a home, or remodel an existing; try bringing your favorite features of this style to your home. Or check out our sister site if you are looking for Things to do in Orlando instead.

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Continue reading about House Plans, and other top styles by visiting our Style Selection Page or learn more about our previous projects, inspirations and highly affordable packages at our Custom House Plans.

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