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Courtyard House Plan Architects

Courtyard House Plans are perfect for those with a central focal point. The courtyard home floor plan is an open, decorative, entertaining, typically outdoor space; enclosure with indoor space surrounding the court.
The courtyard can be used as a retreat area complete with a fireplace, or pool; as well as being a pool of natural light, and vegetation. Courtyard plans were born in the depths of European history typically including fountains and yards.

The home design with its own vacation retreat, the Courtyard House Plan is rich in history, and even more so today.
Courtyard House Plans are Affordable

A courtyard design can be a very efficient design, substantially reducing air conditioned space because of its natural ability to use the courtyard as circulation or hallway space.


Designed properly, the courtyard home plan can include large overhangs at the courtyard therefore allowing a covered walkway around it perimeter in the event of rain, snow, or extreme sun light.

While courtyard plans may require a slightly larger, or wider piece of land, there is a potential for savings with the use of a court yard house plan.

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