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Ranch Style Home Designers

Ranch Home Plans are often very cost efficient which makes them great for the single, couple, or small family starter homes. While most ranch style homes contain one story, they may come with finished basement. With various different layouts, these home typically keep the layout smart, and efficient, maximizing separation of sleeping and living areas, all of which are typically designed to showcase their connection with the outdoors.

Ranch House Plans

Spatious outdoor porches and decks are commonly part of the living spaces of this type of home where the connection with nature is one of the fundemental goals
Relax. It's what ranch style is all about.

There is a lot of history behind the ranch style house, including many names; but the consistency is with the general style and intent, and these are some of the features found in ranch style homes;


  • Generally One Story, some times with a basement

  • Wide overhangs for extra shade

  • L and / or U shape Designs encasing a Porch or Courtyard

  • Open Flexible Floor Plans

  • Isolation of the public (Living Areas) and private spaces (Sleeping)

  • Garage attached to the Main Structure

  • Large openings and / or Sliding glass doors leading to a patio

  • Expansive windows with views to the exterior

  • Traditionally a rustic design including exposed beams or rafters


While there is no 'requirements' when it comes to design, the more elements related to a particular style that gets incorporated, the more authentic the representation of that style the design come to be.

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A History of the Ranch House Plan which was a mid-century modern home and now a resurgence in popularity for its clean, elegant lines and integration of outdoor elements.

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