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Southern Living House Plan Designers

New southern living house plans can warm the soul to its core. Our southern living plans bring the word comfort, to every aspect of the design. We recognize the design qualities and features needed to support a true southern living home design, and we execute on that tradition flawlessly.
We design house plans with porches, homes on a farm, cottage floor plans, and more. Let us bring this truly blessed talent to your new front door. 
Come home proud, to this exceptionally heartwarming design style, perfect for a full family with authentic grass-roots fun. 
Southern Living House Plans keep in touch with Nature

Our Custom southern style home plans make sure we maximize our use of the architecture to keep the Nature coming in, and the hot sun shaded out. We use features such as walk-around porches, dormer roof windows, extended open wood decks, casement windows, and natural materials to emphasize this American Beauty.


Our southern inspired homes make family first, with special attention to gathering spaces, fireside comfort rooms, flexible indoor/outdoor spaces, yet privacy in the spaces where needed.


Southern Living House plans come in all sizes, but regardless of the square footage, we make sure to stay within your budget and maximize the southern qualities until you are absolutely proud of your design.

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