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Luxury House Plan Designers

Luxury House Plans are often thought of as Mansions, Estates, and Oversized, Unaffordable Residences. But not here. Luxury means Comfort, accomodation, personalization, and flexibility. Large to Small, get it here.

When you think of Luxury Design, think of it like a Hammock; form fitting, comforting, relaxing, and calming. That's our focus in this collection
Luxury Isnt Just for the Rich & Famous

The house of your dreams is only a few clicks away. We specialize in luxury house plans, by building designs based on fundamental truths established through time, best practices, and hundreds and thousands of design experience. We know whats hot, and whats not.


We design mansion house plans, small luxury house plans, and everything in between.


In luxury house designs, we incorporate focal points, axis, sun orientation considerations, shading opportunities, view exposure, spacial adjacencies and sensitivities, and more. We get the best bang for your buck, not matter what that budget may be. Take a look at some of these resources for ideas.

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Luxury House Plans, Built for You

Luxury houses aren’t luxurious, without being unique to you.


When a house a luxurious, it is comforting, calming, relaxing, and conforms specifically to the Owner whom resides. Since everyone is unique and has different definitions of what is comforting, or relaxing, calming; Luxury House Plans must have careful planning with education, and experienced designers to ask the right questions, and deliver accurate results. specializes in doing just that. Our experience in being the architect for literally hundreds of homes, including homes designed and built for executives at Google, Twitter, Lifelock, Sports Team Players and more; we have honed our approach down to a science.


When a process is refined, it means less wasted time for our client's, and more cost savings to the project. Our Luxury style House Plans are second to none and have been recognized in prominent publications. While we are humbled by the recognition, HousePlanSale is just a conveyance mechanism to our Clients dreams. Our Clients ultimately hold the torch as it comes the direction of their home plans. 


Our flexible service has been crafted to fit different Client profiles. We can work with those Clients who enjoy learning and being deeply involved in the process the whole way through, and we can likewise shine for those Clients who prefer to trust our experience and we haven’t let down a Client yet. Our Custom House Plans service is built for any one of these circumstances.

When it comes to Luxury Plans, we have seen it all. We build luxury into Mediterranean Style Homes , Cottage Home Plans , Ranch Home Plans , and more. Our focus is to target those spectacular views and features of the site and usher those into the house. We make sure bedrooms are properly placed and positioned for the right sun orientation. Master Bath Rooms always come with natural sunlight.


Our Luxury Homes Plans are on a constant endeavor to look for these opportunities to maximize the site features, such as sunrise, and sunset, view axis, prevailing breezes, privacy, and openness. Our designers make sure that those priority features are built deeply into the planning process for every house we work on.


The language of luxury is tailored to each persons' needs, wants and desires. However, it typically entails lots of open space, an abundance of natural light, rooms built on views, luxury bath rooms, high-end floor finishes, decorative ceilings and more. Floor Plans which demonstrate an efficient use of space, evenly spread bath rooms, and luxury styled finishes are typically those which most people crave.


These types of houses fit nicely in the land plots with ample space, but Luxury can also be built into Small House Plans . Because luxury is a feeling, it does not demand large square footage. Some of our luxury homes have less than 500 sf. Which is why it is important to recognize that Luxury houses are not just for those with deep pockets, but even those who just want a comfortable lifestyle.

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